ONLYCARE Heat Massager for Pain Relief

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massage pillow

ONLYCARE Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

The Best Hands-Feeling Massager

Is this neck massager free returns or exchanges?

Yes, it is.

What's the material of outer layer and inner core of the neck massager?

The pillow is well-built with solid fabric outside and thick memory foam inside to ensure comfort and durability.

Can the massage pillow be reversed for use on different body parts?

Yes the pillow can be flipped at any position you want but be noted to avoid massage on sensitive body parts.

Is the cover removable to wash? How to wash it?

Sorry the cover cannot be removed, please just wipe it with wet cloth.

massage pillow

massage pillow

Wall Charger & Car Charger

The neck massager comes with 2 chargers for home and car use, so you can enjoy the massage pillow when working, relaxing, driving, etc.

massage pillow

Durable Material

Outside: Top quality leather and double-netted reinforcement for maximum durability

Inside: Elastic memory foam for flexible support and comfort

massage pillow

Premium Packaging

The neck massager with heat is nicely packaged in a sturdy box, ready to be as a thoughtful gift for your loved ones

massage pillow

Elastic Band

There is an elastic band on the pillow massager back to fix the neck massager pillow on office chair or car chair

ONLYCARE Massage Pillow for Deep Tissue Pain Relief of Various People

For people who sit all day in office chair hard working, do sports frequently to keep body active, drive long time to make a living, or take care of courtyard to make house more beautiful, they all need a massager to effetively relieve fatigue and relax their bodies. Save the money going to a massage therapist, try this professional massage pillow and be your own therapist.

massage pillow
massage pillow

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