MIllan Morrison

*-SIMPLE to use.

*-Battery life seems better than suggested.

*-Pain relief willy vary depending on how deep you massage, the types of muscle aches you have and the power setting in which you choose. In other words, muscle tightness and knots are toxin build up in general. It takes a couple sessions and plenty of water to flush out those toxins...

I tried it first (all areas w/ the round ball) on my forearms as they were quite sore from work... JIMMINY CRICKETS! I could feel it getting into some deep tissue and started to relax my whole body. Sure, I was anxious to get to my aching lower back that was screaming at me.

But, I decided to go for a spin on my feet... SWEET BABY JESUS! My back, legs, shoulders or any other aching muscle begging for deep tissue therapy could wait. The next 10 minutes (5 minutes per foot) was pure euphoria.

All that being said, here are my honest opinions... forget any of the vibrating massagers you have bought from big box stores, pharmacies, etc. We have broken three of those in the past year and they simply suck in comparison to this percussion massager. For one, they simply don't get into deep tissue and you apply your own pressure and it breaks easily. A lot of you know what I'm talking about.

My suggestion is to not go all crazy hoping to relieve every aching muscle in your body (I personally need this for every muscle group and dozens of specific knotted areas). If you know anything about massage therapy, especially deep tissue, or ever been to a professional massage therapist, you know the next day the muscle can/will be sore. This is no exception because it WIIL get into those deep tissues and knots.

The attachments are quite simple to change. Again, I started with the round ball. Simply push it in and it will lock in (no "click"). Often it will even "push back" depending on where the rotation of the motor had stopped. This is common sense to me as it IS a percussion motor, but some might not understand what that means. To change, firmly pull out with a SLIGHT twist and it will easily release. By the way, it doesn't come with any instructions telling you these things, so take my advice and don't try to be all "HERCULEAN" with the attachments.

The case stores the gun and all the attachments, making it easy to pull out and put away.

The short pamphlet will give you basic suggestions on which areas to use the different attachments, but in the end, you will figure out what works best for you. However, for your feet I DO recommend the same "T shape" as the pamplet... GLORY HALLELUJAH.

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