Our Mission

Our mission is to care for each user’s daily health by providing solutions. Our products are sourced from the organic fusion of innovation, technology and interdisciplinary expertise to help you get over your pain and send you our love.


We All Go Through Pain

After making a Jump Shot that had been trained for more than ten years, our founder came down with a torn meniscus in his knee. In the process of looking for a solution to relieve pain, he realized that there were lots of people close to him who were suffering from sores in knees or other various parts of the body. So while he was facing a challenge of choosing a new career, ONLYCARE was born.


Innovation and Development

Innovation For Needs

We attach great importance to the voice of customers. Our own pain-related experience also motivates us continuously to set high standards for user solutions. We work with renowned academic experts, physiotherapists, engineers and scientists at every stage of product development. As your cares keep evolving, we’ll keep innovating.


Knowledge Sharing

Endowing Abilities Through Knowledge Sharing

The lack of access to knowledge and the inaccuracy of information have always been a huge obstacle to pain relief and scientific management of health. That’s why knowledge sharing is always our primary focus. People don’t know how or where to look for the solutions, making the process of pain-free life hard to start. The “Education”, “Experts” and “Blogs” are parts of our focus on sharing knowledge that hopefully will help you understand the scientific management of body, master the way to relieve pain, and maintain a good physical and mental state.

“I created ONLYCARE to deliver excellent health management formula to assist people take care of themselves and others in their surrounding in more systematical and effective way. Looking back on the whole process of ONLYCARE serving users, from conceptual idea to practical realization, I am proud to say that ONLYCARE is working tirelessly to provide scientific and successful solutions. “